Consultation now closed

The Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group thanks everyone for their responses to the Pre Submission Consultation and wishes you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

We need your views on the Pre Submission draft Plan

Drop in Event on 5th November Merton Hall 10am-1pm

The Steering Group over the past 3 years have engaged with the community and stakeholders in preparing a “Pre-Submission draft Plan” through a number of consultations and with all your help we are now ready for the last consultation on this document.

The Consultation starts on the 1st November until noon on the 16th December 2016

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The supporting documents have been set out under each Topic area with the name identified underneath. By using the click here facility this will take you to the correct page on the website

Please feel free to download any of the documents on the website to peruse at your leisure.

Built Environment Background Documents & Reports

(Click here to go to the ‘Built Environment’ page with the reports below)

  • Community Character Statement
  • Landscape Quality Assessment
  • Landscape Quality Assessment Plan
  • Conservation Area
  • Darras Hall Background Paper
  • Built Environment Topic Paper

Natural Environment Background Documents & Reports

(Click here to go to the ‘Natural Environment’ page with the reports below)

  • Landscape Character Appraisal + Survey Area
  • Local Green Space Background Paper
  • Natural Environment Topic Paper

Local Economy Background Documents & Reports

(Click here to go to the ‘Local Economy’ page with the reports below)

  • Rural Business Survey 2015
  • Ponteland Business Confidence Report 2014
  • Market Town Benchmarking Report 2013
  • Local Economy Topic Paper

Housing Background Documents & Reports

(Click here to go to the ‘Housing’ page with the reports below)

  • Ponteland Housing Needs Survey Executive Summary 2016
  • Ponteland Housing Needs Survey Analysis 2016
  • Ponteland Housing Need Report
  • Estate Agents Summary Housing Enquiries
  • Housing Topic Paper

Community Wellbeing Background Documents & Reports

(Click here to go to the ‘Community Wellbeing’ page with the reports below)

  • Community Activities & Facilities background Report
  • Community Wellbeing Topic Paper
  • Youth Topic Paper

Flooding and Sustainable Drainage Background Documents & Reports

(Click here to go to the ‘Flooding and Sustainable Drainage’ page with the reports below)

  • Flooding Topic Paper

Transport & Movement Background Documents & Reports

(Click here to go to the ‘Transport & Movement’ page with the reports below)

  • Active Travel Routes background Paper
  • Transport Topic Paper

Community Actions

(Click here to go to the ‘Projects’ page)

 What is Neighbourhood Planning?009 (1) (800x600)

Neighbourhood planning is a way of communities being actively involved with the future development of their local area.

Giving local communities the opportunity to plan their designated area, by writing their own development plans. This gives more power to communities by being involved at a local level in planning, getting the right kind of development in the right place and voted on by a community referendum.

This will enable those who live and work in a designated area the right to choose where they want new homes, offices and shops to be built and what they should look like.

Why does neighbourhood planning matter?

The local planning system helps to decide what gets built, when and where. This process is vital for economic growth whilst protecting the natural environment and improving the communities quality of life. It encourages the right kind of development in the right location.

Through the Localism Act 2011 the Government has given communities the choice to be involved in local planning by giving the power back to local people, businesses and councils.

Your plan must be in conformity with Strategic Planning Policy.

What is the background?

The Localism Act 2011 provided a new statutory regime for neighbourhood planning introduced through the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 which provide the legal framework within which neighbourhood plans must comply?

What it can’t do?

Neighbourhood Plans cannot decide on Greenbelt boundaries, or housing numbers; most highway matters and quality of roads. These are matters for the Local Planning Authority, Northumberland County Council.

How does it work?

  • Simply there are 5 basic stages in the process
  • Identify the plan area
  • Preparing the plan
  • Independent examination
  • Community Referendum
  • Legal Status

How long can this take?

The process can take between 2-4 years

What has Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group achieved?

A lot, for the past 3 years the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, made up of local volunteers has worked on behalf of the Town Council preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

During this time the group have followed a process to ensure the Plan reflects what the community in Ponteland want. Work done so far has been:

  • Extensive initial consultation with the local community
  • Identifying the scope of the plan
  • Creating a vision for the future of Ponteland, with objectives to achieve this vision
  • Collecting of appropriate evidence to inform progress
  • Consulting with the community, stakeholders and other statutory consultees.
  • Analysing comments and using these to inform the content of the Plan
  • Preparing draft Topic Papers, covering areas such as Transport, Community Well Being, Natural Environment and others, which outline Planning Policy Areas and identify Community Projects to be delivered throughout the Plan period

What is still to achieve to complete the process on the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan

  • Consult on the Policy Areas identified so far. This consultation will take place with the local community, stakeholders and other statutory consultees
  • Following this consultation, we will finalise our policy areas, and write a draft plan, with planning policies. We will consult again on this plan with the local community for 6 weeks. This is the first statutory consultation stage in the process.
  • We will then amend the plan depending on consultation responses, and submit it to Northumberland County Council who also have to carry out a statutory consultation on the plan for a period of 6 weeks
  • An independent examiner is appointed by the County Council to check that Basic Conditions have been met
  • If approved, the plan will go to a local referendum.
  • If approved, the completed plan becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area. This means that all planning decisions in Ponteland will be determined in accordance with the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.