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What has Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group achieved?

For the past 4 years the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, made up of local volunteers has worked on behalf of the Town Council preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

During this time the group have followed a process to ensure the Plan reflects what the existing and future community in Ponteland want. 

Work completed so far:

Extensive initial consultation with the local community

Identifying the scope of the plan

Creating a vision for the future of Ponteland, with objectives to achieve this vision

Collecting of appropriate evidence to inform progress

Consulting with the community, stakeholders and other statutory consultees.

Analysing comments and using these to inform the content of the Plan

Preparing draft Topic Papers, covering areas such as Transport, Community Well Being, Natural Environment and others, which outline Planning Policy Areas and identify Community Projects to be delivered throughout the Plan period

Consult on the Policy Areas, this consultation took place with the local community, stakeholders and other statutory consultees

Following this consultation, we finalised our policy areas, and wrote a draft plan, with planning policies.  Consultion took place again on this plan with the local community for 6 weeks.  This is the first statutory consultation stage in the process.

The draft Plan was amended due to consultation responses, and submittedt to Northumberland County Council who also have to carry out a statutory consultation on the plan for a period of 6 weeks

What is still to achieve to complete the process on the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan

An independent examiner is appointed by the County Council to check that Basic Conditions have been met

If approved, the plan will go to a local referendum.

If approved, the completed plan becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area.  This means that all planning decisions in Ponteland will be determined in accordance with the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.

October 2016

015 (800x600)The Steering Group decided to review the Vision and Objectives by means of a Revised Vision, Objectives and Policy Options Consultation, earlier this year, before setting out draft policies for the Neighbourhood Plan. Now we are at the stage of the final consultation in November 2016

October 2015

Now over 3 years on since 2012, from a time when four individual residents showed an interest in neighbourhood planning and wanted to form a group, there have been some changes, as you would expect. Some of our original members have moved on with new personal goals to achieve.

The Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is very grateful for their contributions and the hard work which has helped the group achieve so much.

The structure of the group is made up of local volunteers representing organisations from the civil parish, Ponteland Town Council and Northumberland County Council; details can be viewed on “who we are” on the “About Us” Tab

The group has been meeting every fortnight to discuss issues of importance, planning events, collecting evidence or receiving training on a specific part of the Neighbourhood Planning process. Minutes from meetings can be viewed on the “About Us” Tab

To see more clearly where we are in the proposed time scale of preparing our Neighbourhood Plan please view the “Project Plan” This can be viewed on the Neighbourhood Plan Tab under “Our Plan”

We have completed a broad selection of consultations since the initial survey in 2012, all the results from the questionnaire in 2013, comments from Part in the Park 2013 combined them with all the research material to provide a proposed statement on “Vision and Objectives” in 8 topic areas-this event took place in September 2014. During 2015 we again visited Party in the Park and during the autumn put on an event specifically for Stakeholders. All of this evidence, after analysis, has helped shape the next stage.

There is still much to do over the future months and at the moment the referendum on the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan seems far away in the distance.

We need your contribution to put this plan together, which is why at every step of the Plan we bring the information back to you in a survey, questionnaire or consultation and ask for your comments. They really do have an influence on the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.

March 2013

During the autumn of last year the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group was set up. The group is composed of a cross section of the community, who are either volunteers, Town Councillors or County Councillors. We are supported by designated County Planning Officers with experience of Neighbourhood Plans in other parts of Northumberland.

Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group

An immense amount of work has been achieved in a very short space of time, but there is even more ahead if we are to be able to influence the Northumberland Core Strategy.

As you will most probably be aware, since we have become a one unitary authority the Castle Morpeth local policies have weakened and the emerging Northumberland Core Strategy is gaining strength, this is why it is so important to take an active approach both at our local level and that at the County level.

Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Training Meeting

Before last Christmas we had decided that our first consultation with the residents would take the form of a brief survey to help us judge which elements were important to you. This went out in the Ponteland News and Views, January 2013 edition and was extended over February to allow a higher level of response.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of you who contributed, the response has given us the chance to focus on the items which are important to you.

During the early part of the New Year 2013 the group needed to identify the Group membership and agree Terms of Reference with the Town Council. This was completed in February 2013.

Now, in March we are putting together a new website, as you can see, to keep you up to date and allow you to support us and take an active role in contributing to the development of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.

Reports from Meetings

April 2013

Ponteland Pele TowerItems discussed at these meetings were:

  • Launch of the website:  www.pontelandneighbourhoodplan.co.uk
  • April edition of the Pont News & Views, page 18, Launch of the Neighbourhood Plan Group.
  • Updating of all scoping documents for 10 topic subgroups
  • 1 Housing sub group meeting
  • 1 Education & Learning sub group meeting, meeting with Chairs of Governors and meeting at Kirkley Hall
  • 1 Transportation meeting to review 2 groups initially working together
  • 1 Drainage & Flooding sub group meeting

March 2013

Items discussed at these meetings were:

  • Project manager appointed
  • 10 Topic areas of the Plan have been identified and some of the leaders of these subgroups  ave been nominated.
  • Recruitment for specialists (gaps in the subgroups) taking place for the formation of the Topic subgroups.
  • Getting ready for the Launch of the Neighbourhood Plan Group in the April edition of the Pont News & Views.
  • Website nearing completion for the same date.

February 2013

Items discussed at these meetings were:

  • Stage 1 of the Project Plan started.
  • Final analysis of the survey. Summary to be publicised.
  • Draft map of the “Civil” boundary viewed by members.
  • Aims of the Neighbourhood Plan agreed.
  • Terms of Reference to be discussed and agreed on Feb 13 2013 at the Town Council monthly meeting.
  • Discussions have taken place with possible website providers.
  • It was agreed that the Launch should be April, and an article should be placed in the Ponteland News & Views for this edition. Website to be available on the same date.
  • Logo options were discussed and agreed.
  • Insurance liability was discussed, Town Council to investigate.
  • Group confirmed final name for Project Title   ”Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan”
  • Chair to prepare proposed budget for next financial year.
  • Meetings to continue on a fortnightly basis at this early stage.
  • Group photograph was taken at the Town Council Committee Room.
  • Vice Chair and Project Manager nominated and seconded.
  • Project Plan Topics agreed and some Topic Leaders named.
  • An advertisement will be placed in the Journal for the 8th March announcing the Civil Parish boundary for the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.

January 2013

Items discussed at these meetings were:

  • An interim analysis from the survey circulated in the Ponteland News & Views was reviewed.
  • The Draft Terms of Reference was discussed and put forward to the Town Council.
  • A map of the Civil Parish of Ponteland to be drawn up as the designated area for the Plan.
  • Aims of the Neighbourhood Plan formalised.
  • Project Plan agreed.
  • Town Council to make application to the County Council for the approval of the application.
  • As there was no budget arrangement to date it was agreed that limited funds would be made available from the Town Council to cover essential expenditure. Northumberland County Council would provide limited technical and professional support.
  • An upgraded Website was agreed.
  • The Launch of the Plan needed to be coordinated for the Website and Ponteland News and Views.
  • A subgroup should bring to the next meeting suggested Logo’s