What is coming next?

PNP questionaire

Northumberland County Council is inviting Ponteland residents to make comments during this consultation period
on the Preferred Option, Core Strategy consultation document from 31st Oct 2013 and finishes on 2nd Jan 2014
Please view www.northumberland.gov.uk/corestrategy

Can I bring to your notice that to attend the discussion sessions of the event at the Memorial Hall on the 21st Nov 2013 you will need to register your attendance prior to the event direct with Northumberland County Council,

by email use PlanningStrategy@northumberland.gov.uk
Or call any of these numbers:-
01670 623629
01670 632631
01670 632633

To coincide with this request the Ponteland Neighbourhood Steering Group has put together a questionnaire which we invite you to complete and return.

By now, you will have received your copy of Pont News & Views.
Inside you will find a questionnaire, please help us to put together your views for the future of Ponteland. You can also download a copy of the PNP Questionaire

Completed copies should be returned to:-

Ponteland Town Council Office, Meadowfield Court
Ponteland Care Centre, Meadowfield, reception
Darras Hall Clinic, Broadway
Sainsbury’s Supermarket, Ponteland, main exit
Waitrose Supermarket, Ponteland, customer counter

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