Draft Plan 2015

006 (800x600)Throughout the neighbourhood planning process stage by stage all the evidence gathered has been analysed to produce a draft plan for the Civil Parish of Ponteland.
The draft plan shows potential planning policies and community aspirations in the form of projects and activities.

December 2015

Ponteland Draft Plan

We have set out in the following information:

  • our vision statement, (under review)
  • the topic areas of the draft plan which the topic papers are written
  • information used to base our drafts on
  • some background information

Each Topic area has its own draft Topic Paper which is constantly under review, the next step is to prepare a Housing Need Survey to be circulated to the residents in the spring of 2016. All of these responses and the comments from the Visions & Objectives Consultation, Stakeholders Consultation and the Housing Need Survey will be fed back into the Topic Papers as revised documents which then will be shown at a Community Consultation-for comment.

Vision Statement of the Civil Parish of Ponteland

Ponteland will maintain its identity as a sustainable, thriving community, accessible to people of all ages. A gateway to Northumberland, which values its rural setting, rich heritage, natural environment and open spaces. It will remain visually distinct and separate from the Newcastle/Tyneside conurbation, meeting the needs of the local population, without compromising this distinction. The special identities of Darras Hall, the historic core of Ponteland village and the small settlements in the Parish will be maintained and enhanced for future generations, making the Parish of Ponteland a desirable place to live, work and visit.

All the evidence gathered by the members of the Steering Group and 8 subgroups will be used with the comments from any community consultation since 2012 to help form a draft plan.During the remainder of the Neighbourhood Planning process this page may show a series of draft notes until the Steering Group has completed a draft plan.

When the draft plan has been agreed by the Steering Group they will take this back to the community for comments, at every stage possible your views are important.

Topic Areas covered by the Plan

At present there are 8 Topic Areas and they are as follows:Blooming Ponteland

  • Built Environment
  • Natural Environment
  • Housing
  • Local Economy
  • Transport
  • Flooding
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Youth Provision


 December 2013

This listing may alter in the future when we have started preparing individual  scoping documents. Little FarmThese documents will be put together by subgroups or stakeholders whose role will be to identify information on the current situation or provision on each of these Topic Groups and access any relevant  data to support the future needs of Ponteland, if any.

Pele House

These groups can then anticipate these “future needs” and feed back this information into the main committee, where all of this information can be analysed in relation to its impact on other Topic Areas.

At the moment, these subgroups are being formed and their first task will be to prepare a draft scoping document for each of the Topic Areas, this will enable the main committee to access the balance of the groups and any areas of potential overlap.

Once these groups have prepared their scoping documents we will be able to give more information on this part of the website.