Planning policy and proposals need to be based on a proper understanding of the place they relate to; if they are to be relevant, realistic and address local issues effectively.

Neighbourhood plans need to be based on robust information and analysis of the local area – this will make up a sound evidence base to work from.

Starting with a current review of existing evidence and information:

Current Local Plan

Socio-economic data

Technical reports

Transport Studies


Conservation Area Appraisals and Statutory Lists

Environmental protection designations

Plans from other public bodies or statutory undertakers

Followed by identifying additional evidence in the following areas:





013 (800x600)Since 2012 evidence has been gathered by 8 Topic Groups to assist in the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan.
The following pages give detailed evidence, by topic, in which each draft topic paper has been produced.

December 2013

All information stored here is relevant to the process of producing a neighbourhood plan and may be now replaced by a more recent document.