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February 2017

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January 2017

PNP Ponteland Final Heritage & Character Assessment

November 2016

Landscape Quality Assessment
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Community Character Statement
Darras Hall Background Paper
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December 2015

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Our aim is to ensure that the quality of townscape is preserved or enhanced as well as protecting individual buildings through the preparation of a “Character Statement”

The community identified:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • The Conservation area should be reviewed and extended.
  • The need to protect green spaces, trees and the approach roads to Ponteland.
  • There should be restrictions on the type of front boundaries permitted in order to maintain and enhance wildlife corridors.


  • The relationship of green spaces, streets, paths, gardens, and historic layout of boundaries.
  • Vistas and gaps views.
  • Activities.
  • Quality shop fronts, street furniture and surfaces.
  • Characteristics materials, scaling and features.



1. PROPOSED SCOPE OF WORK (i.e. Topics to be addressed)

  • Special Character of Ponteland
  • Listed Buildings
  • Sites of historic interest
  • Conservation area
  • Conservation Area Character Appraisal



  • Initial Community Survey Results
  • Draft Conservation Area Character Appraisal 2005 (Withdrawn)
  • Recent Major Planning Applications – Submitted Evidence
  • The group leader has prepared an up to date electronic map of the village including the conservation area boundary and indicating listed buildings and walked the conservation area boundary to clarify discrepancies


Conservation Area Character Appraisals help residents and The Council to understand the history of an area and why it is special. They help shape future developments and planning policies, as well as giving residents an idea of what enhancements could be made

The “FishCast” group produced their own document for the North Shields Fish Quay and
the New Quay conservation areas which was eventually adopted by the Council. This might provide a template for the Group to follow

OTHER RELEVANT EVIDENCE (Including Planning Policy relevance)

  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
  • Emerging Core Strategy
  • Castle Morpeth District Local Plan and in particular policies C26-38
  • The Northumberland Key Land Use Study, Prepared for Northumberland County Council by Land Use Consultants September 2010 Appendix
  • Darras Hall Estate Committee Bye-Laws and Guidance
  • Other Documents as they become available



Through the Neighbourhood Plan process and with the assistance of North of England Civic Trust, the Ponteland Civic Society will prepare a Community Character Statement. This will later be developed into a Conservation Area Character Appraisal or similar document for adaption as a SPD by Northumberland County Council

The Community Character Statement will describe the very special character of Ponteland that would be destroyed by inappropriate development and also identify opportunities for enhancement

The Civic Society also intend to draw up a Local Heritage List


The group leader is a Chartered Architect in private practice with over 35 years experience including work in Conservation Areas, Green Belt and on Listed Buildings. He would draw on the expertise and experience of the Civic Society, Local History Society and Photographic Society as well as English Heritage guidance regarding the production of such documents


There is defined Conservation Area Boundaries within Ponteland and High Callerton but no Conservation Area Character Appraisal or Management Strategy. The Local Authority does not have the resources to prepare such a document at present. The Ponteland Civic Society have made tentative steps to discover what would be involved but again lack the resources

There is significant development pressure in and around the village with no guidance available to inform the decision making process

The special character of Ponteland includes the suburban frontages of the approaches and within Darras Hall and the links with agriculture as evidenced by the strip of farmland which passes through the village at Clickermin. Consideration should be given to whether these features and other green or open spaces need special protection

The document will include a list of issues in the Conservation Areas


There is significant overlap with the Natural Environment Group (green spaces and frontages) and some overlap with the Housing Group (design)