Youth Provision

December 2015

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Our aim is to encourage the utilisation of existing facilities, where possible for the youth.
Understand the needs of the young and ensure their views are listened to and needs addressed as far as possible

The Community identified:concept

  • Support for school facilities, buildings and playing fields, should be made available to the youth and all ages of the community whenever possible; this should include out of hours, weekends and holidays.


  • Comparison study of opportunities and facilities available for the youth in Hexham and Ponteland.
  • Young people’s views on Ponteland and what is on offer.
  • Ponteland schools feeder partnership system, involving schools outside the civil parish



1. PROPOSED SCOPE OF WORK (i.e. topics to be addressed)

  • To plan the future Education and Youth Activities need/provision for Ponteland and the surrounding area, for the next 20 years.
  • Identify the changing patterns in this provision, including primary, middle, secondary education, by initially analysing the current provision and the needs for the future.
  • The educational establishments falling within the scope of the project are:

2 First Schools – Ponteland First, Darras Hall First
2 Middle Schools – Ponteland Middle, Richard Coates Middle
1 Ponteland High School
1 Adult Learning Centre – Ponteland Community High School
1 Further Education College – Kirkley Hall campus Northumberland College

  • Identify the existing youth activity provision currently available (5-25 age groups) and what consideration is given to the younger residents needs in Ponteland.



  • Initial Community Survey Results
  • Ponteland Town Council Local Plan May 2012 (Withdrawn)
  • Recent Major Planning Applications
  • Map of Civil Parish of Ponteland
  • Details of existing educational system
  • Facilities for the Youth in Sports Clubs, Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis , Pont United
  • Skate park and Play park
  • Ponteland Leisure Centre
  • Youth Hut and Henry’s hut


  • Inherited and emerging core strategy documents
  • National Planning Policy Framework
  • Northumberland County Council Website
  • Current capacity, School role numbers, year group numbers, past & present
  • Individual School projected capacity and role numbers


  • Ofsted Reports
  • Department for Education Performance Tables
  • Census Data
  • School Transport Provision
  • Public Transport availability



  • Research, any local education policies for disabled and special needs children in the civil parish.
  • Any evidence on children attending public schools in the area.
  • Questionnaires, Surveys and Events


  • Head Teachers
  • School Governors
  • Vice Principal from Kirkley Hall (Northumberland College Annex)
  • Young People in employment/ education( to include HE & FE students, 4th, 5th, & 6th formers)
  • School Events and events involving young people
  • Parents through the respective schools
  • Employers/Employees
  • Northumberland County Council Education Department
  • Northumberland County Council Adult Education
  • Youth Service


  • Identify existing and future capacity of individual schools.
  • Identify data, projected role numbers for each year, birth rates, population numbers, resident movement data etc
  • Local schools work within a partnership system with a catchment area reaching beyond the Civil Parish boundary
  • School buildings-fit for purpose?
  • Current school locations
  • Should new sites be identified? If so where?
  • What capital expenditure will be needed to fulfil this?
  • Where will the money come from?
  • Where does Further Education fit into the Civil Parish
  • Ponteland schools educate a number of children from outside the civil boundary (e.g. Newcastle and other parts of Northumberland) with consequential early morning traffic congestion in the village centre and in the vicinity of the schools.
  • Is there sufficient safe car parking in the vicinity of the local schools to support the volume of children being taken to school by car.
  • What is the current provision, for disabled children, in main stream or other in Ponteland?
  • Is there a lack of facilities to satisfy the demand for youth activities in the area and which additional activities would be most welcome?
  • Is the Leisure Centre is fully utilised and what could be done to improve this facility?
  • Is there a need for an all weather area for teenagers?
  • Could greater use be made of school premises and playing fields in Ponteland to enhance the range and availability of activities for the young people?



  • Will additional housing development in or around Ponteland put pressure on the existing educational infrastructure in Ponteland?
  • Will additional housing put further pressure on the limited car parking facilities in the vicinity of the local schools?
  • In the event that significant additional housing is built in or around Ponteland Civil Parish would the additional demand be catered for by limiting the number of school places available to pupils from other areas?


  • Are public transport and school coach services adequate for the needs of pupils travelling to and from Ponteland schools?
  • What provision is available for the outlying communities ( Northumberland )
  • Are road safety, speed limits and traffic calming measures appropriate in the vicinity of our schools?
  • What car parking provision is located in easy reach of the schools?
  • Parking facilities, are they appropriate?