Public Consultation

Community engagement has been an essential part of producing our neighbourhood plan.

From the very start of our neighbourhood plan all comments have been invaluable to help define issues, aims and produce an overall vision. Consultation is about listening and analysing the feedback and considering the depth and range of all comments; all of this will create a sense of wider ownership throughout the community.

Not only is it a requirement of planning legislation but also vital in developing consensus and creating community support. The Pont News & Views monthly magazine has kept the community up to date with current information throughout the neighbourhood planning process with articles and public notices on consultations and drop in events.

View the list of past consultations below, for more detail of events click onto the separate pages.


Pre Submission draft Consultation

Party in the Park

Revised Vision, Objectives & Policy Options

Estate Agents Enquiry Survey

Housing Need Survey


Stakeholders Event

Party in the Park


Community Consultation Event


Community Questionnaire

Party in the Park

High School Events


Initial Survey

Since 2012 a series of Community and Stakeholder Consultations have taken place, this started with an initial survey, questionnaires, presence at Party in the Park events, exhibitions at the “drop in” sessions and at our Consultations. At every opportunity the Neighbourhood Plan Group has listened to your views and these comments have been an invaluable contribution to the emerging plan, we appreciate your contribution.

June 2013

Ponteland Park

The success of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan depends on the commitment of residents of the Civil Parish of Ponteland.

The Group, so far, have achieved a great deal with only a few like minded people, as you can see from the evidence on this website but, unless we get ”YOUR” support with an active involvement we will not succeed.

We are requesting the involvement of any Businesses and Organisations that operate in this area, by giving up some of their time and expertise to support our efforts.

The subgroups are looking for your help and assistance in the following

  • Built Environment
  • Natural Environment
  • Housing
  • Local Economy
  • Transport
  • Flooding
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Youth provision

We look forward to hearing from you

There are two ways you can “Get Involved”

The first is by attending the Community Consultation event in September and the other is if you have some free time you may be able to give us some support to the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group.

In September, all the residents of the Civil Parish of Ponteland will be invited to attend one or more of the community consultation sessions later in September. All the information will be available in the September edition of the Pont News & Views and on the Homepage of this website at the end of August.

Another way you can help, our group is always looking for local residents who have a specific skill; professional experience or you just want to help as a volunteer.

If you think you are able to help in some way we would like to hear from you, please contact us through the contact tab or write to us at:

Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan group
C/o Ponteland Town Council
Meadowfield Industrial Estate

March 2013

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan allows YOU to get involved and share ideas with us.


The Localism Bill has made significant changes in planning, giving US the opportunity to influence what happens in the Civil Parish of Ponteland.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to succeed, whether it is as an individual, business, club or society this is YOUR chance to be part of the future of Ponteland.

Introduced as a key part of the Localism Act 2011, neighbourhood planning powers seek to empower communities to manage and enable development in their local area by creating a vision of how their areas should grow; deciding what they should look like; creating locally specific planning policies to manage development in their area; or granting permission by legal order for sites that the local community would like to see developed in a particular way. These powers are discretionary and, in Northumberland, will be exercised by parish/town councils.

Communities, through their parish/town councils, can use neighbourhood planning to:

• Choose where new homes, shops and offices should be built.

• Say what those new buildings should look like.

• Grant permission for new buildings that fit with local planning policies for the area.

Neighbourhood planning includes three separate tools:

Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs); Neighbourhood

Development Orders (NDOs); and Community Right to Build Orders.

Communities can choose to utilise one or more of these tools to achieve the desired development aims of the local community, for example, a Neighbourhood Development Plan complimented by Neighbourhood Development Order.

A group has been set up to progress a Neighbourhood Plan for Ponteland to promote and improve social, economic and environmental conditions in the area over the next 20 to 30 years.

The PNP Group has already held meetings with Northumberland County Council and Ponteland Town Council where an outline of the process for a Neighbourhood Plan was clearly identified.

This initial survey is the start of the consultation with the community and by collating residents’ views the PNP will then be able to direct efforts in the right areas.

To find out more about Neighbourhood Plans visit: Northumberland County Council Neighbourhood Planning page.

March 2013

The following drop down menu will keep you informed with all the relevant  issues needed for producing the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.

Any forthcoming Events, such as Exhibitions, Workshop activities, Consultations, Questionnaires or Surveys will be included for your advanced information.

Birney Hall Ponteland 2

The Group also intends to keep you up to date on the progress of the Northumberland Council Core Strategy Consultation, this document will have a direct impact on the progress and development of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.