High School Events 2013

May 17th 2013

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking the students at the High School for their ideas and comments during an activity day, where Year 12 looked at the real challenge facing the area, and Year 9 set out to regenerate Merton Way.
All their views will be taken into account as we progress through the task of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Civil Parish of Ponteland.
More to follow soon

10th July Summer School, Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group with Year 12 & Year 9

Representatives of the group took part in a Year 12 assignment approximately 120 students, looking at a real challenge facing Ponteland.

The High School produced a balanced view allowing developers Banks, Lugano, the Ponteland Greenbelt Group and the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group into the debate with Year 12

The assignment, divided into 3 parts was to look at all three views for the future of Ponteland in the next 20years,

Part 1 to analyse the information and form your own subgroup opinion for the future, morning

Part 2 to construct a model on your subgroups interpretation, afternoon

Part3 Greenbelt Group and the Neighbourhood Plan Group to view the student’s interpretations and give feedback to the students

The 3 views were:-

  • To allow large scale development per say
  • Consider the impact on the Greenbelt and the wild life
  • Is there a compromise best suited to Ponteland, if so, what?

For the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group it played an essential part of engaging with the young members of the community

Part 1      The questions from the Year 12 were well structured and thought out

Part 2     Considering the limited time available for the completion of this task the outcomes were very positive.

Part3      This was found extremely interesting to see the young people’s perception of the future of Ponteland

Summary Analysis of their Views

Year 12 had formed the view that the developers Banks and Lugano were directly opposed to the stand taken by the Greenbelt Group with the Neighbourhood Plan Group balanced in between these two views. The young people could see that the developers could supply in their words “goodies that would benefit their particular age group” new sport facilities, youth clubs, cycle ways etc and this were only possible if houses were built to pay for it.


There was a need for more business but not food outlets, there was enough already, small individual shops.

Better retail facilities required

How about a Cinema?


Improve the Leisure Centre facilities

What about a park in Darras Hall

Not a lot to do in Ponteland/Milbourne/Medburn

Nature Reserve

5 a-side Foot ball pitch would be good

Rock climbing


Needs to be improved especially during the evenings

Better connections

How about a Metro line extension?


More housing

Some new houses too large


General concerns


Like lots of open space

Representatives from the Neighbourhood Plan Group visited Year 9 at work putting together their ideas on ‘What Ponteland should provide for the future’

The Year 9 Group of approximately 100 was divided into small groups, the task was  a briefer assignment, reflecting their age and gave the youngsters the opportunity to construct models of their ideas.

This assignment focused on how to regenerate Merton Way and the surrounding area.

Their design ideas, displayed by 17 models, showing a strong enthusiasm on:-

  • Sport, leisure and play areas for younger children
  • Shopping facilities for all ages, including pets.
  • A strong theme throughout to keep vehicles and public transport away from the activity areas.