Housing Need Survey 2016

PNP Housing Need Report

Ponteland Housing Need Survey – Executive Summary

Ponteland Housing Need Survey Analyais – detailed information (This is a Microsoft Excel download)

The purpose of this survey is to assess local housing need within the Civil Parish, this will help us to plan and support the development of new housing to meet local needs.

This is a key stage in the Neighbourhood Plan, giving the residents the opportunity to influence the outcome of your own Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Planning is a way of communities being actively involved with future development of their local area, in this case the Ponteland Civil Parish. This provides the local community to plan for their future needs within a clearly defined designated area.

They give more power to communities by being involved at a local level in the planning system. This will enable those who live and work in the Civil Parish to choose the type and range of new homes, offices and shops to be built and what they should look like.

All the responses from this survey will be analysed by an independent company.

“Have your say on Housing in Ponteland”

People living across the Ponteland civil parish who have not yet completed the housing needs survey issued with the February issue of Pont News are being urged to do so over the next fortnight.

Nearly 950 survey responses (end of Feb figure) have been filed online or posted back so far-more than 20% of homes. News Flash Responses have now hit 27%

The survey is the latest stage of the neighbourhood planning process, a new statutory regime enacted in the localism Act 2011 designed to give communities the ability to become actively involved with the future development of their local area.

Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering group, a team of resident volunteers working on behalf of the town Council, organised the survey to identify local housing priorities.

The questionnaire can be completed online, but if you do not have internet access, or prefer to complete a hard copy and do not have one, contact Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group c/o Ponteland Town Council on 01661 825092. The closing date for replies is Monday March 14th.

Alma Dunigan, Chair of Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said: I’d like to thank all those residents who have already returned the housing need survey. We need a really good response as the analysis will become the foundation evidence to show what is really needed in the parish for the future, the type of housing and when it is required.”

The survey analysis will be completed in early April and followed by a fresh community consultation outlining the results. The next stage will be the writing of a draft plan with policies to be subject of a six week formal consultation. After review it will go to the County Council and after further independent examination, if approved, it will go to a local referendum.

Approval at this stage would mean it become part of the statutory development plan for the area, and all planning decisions in Ponteland would be determined in accordance with Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.

You will have received the “Housing Need Survey” by now

Thanks to those who have already completed this survey by returning the Freepost envelope or visiting online.
Remember it is not too late to complete, although the deadline is the 14th March-please do not forget.
Why not complete today and provide the evidence required by the Neighbourhood Plan Group to progress the emerging plan for the civil parish.

The Online Survey is now CLOSED.

 Please Get Involved
Complete the Ponteland Housing Need Survey

The purpose of this survey is to assess local housing need within Ponteland Civil Parish, this will identify the range and affordability of new housing to meet local needs.
Click here to complete the survey online.

This survey delivered with the Pont News & Views, at the end of January, will also be available through the website from the 28th January.

As Ponteland Civil Parish covers 3 significant areas, the Village, Darras Hall and the outlying rural locations, the survey has been designed with this in mind allowing the responses to be analysed accordingly.

The more responses we receive the more useful and accurate the findings will be. All information will remain confidential, individuals and households cannot be identified from any of the information you provide.

Why is this important, why should I get involved?

This is a key stage in the Neighbourhood Plan, giving you and your family the opportunity to influence the outcome of your own Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan, to help to resolve some key and potentially controversial issues.

Can it make a difference?

Yes, if everyone takes a few minutes to complete this survey, it will have a tremendous impact- all responses will be analysed and will be used as evidence in forming the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan, which will directly contribute to the decisions that will be made about housing in Ponteland.

Who is organising the survey and why?

The Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, a team of local resident volunteers working on behalf of the Town Council, has organised this survey to identify local needs. This enables the local community to decide its own vision for Ponteland going forward and most importantly, to determine future planning policy in a way which is currently not permitted. However, legislation dictates that those policies will ultimately need to align with the broader Core Strategy for growth and development in Northumberland.