Party in the Park, June 2015

August 2015

PARTY IN THE PARK – Click here for Summary Response Sheet


This annual event focuses on a “fun day” for all ages to enjoy, arranged by the joint churches of Ponteland. The event normally is arranged for early June each year in Ponteland Park a setting in the middle of a village of the A696.

The PNPSG took part in this event to raise the profile of the groups work. In 2013 was the first time the group provided a small display of its work to a potential of 2,500 visitors, this year 2015 it has been estimated to be 3,000 could view a display showing areas of the neighbourhood plan including community aspirations reaching beyond the period of the NCC Local Plan 2031.

The purpose of attending this event was to raise the profile in the local community rather than a formal consultation. This has been achieved by completed response sheets and verbal comments given to members of the group manning the event.

Summary Statement- including verbal comments

The group received a tremendous amount of complements for their efforts in the work that has been done to date, the professional presentation of the displays and the volunteer willingness to continue with putting a plan in place against the current stand of NCC.

Although many viewers initially were confusing the PNPG with either Northumberland County Council or the Ponteland Greenbelt Group however after discussion any confusion disappeared.

The PNPSG recognises that most residents are having difficulties in differentiating which group is doing or saying what at any given time.

The location given by the event organisers, was not ideal in area or size, this meant that visitors were viewing display material from outside the stand and trying to read upside down due to lack of space. This also had an impact on the numbers of written responses.

Weather was atrocious-high winds

Specific comments

We need a village centre

It is important that local people are able to express what they want to happen in their neighbourhood

Overall the support was excellent

Only have additional housing when we can prove we need it, develop it slowly and sensitively and proven the type we need-small housing units.

We need affordable housing for small families, first time buyers and downsizing-not on large housing estates

The Library should be replaced in the centre of the village not on the outskirts of the parish

Consider the needs of the ageing population when it comes to housing, something small; don’t want to move away, close to the village.

Do not destroy a beautiful village surrounded by green fields, once it is gone it want come back.

What follows is only a sample of local views taken from the response sheets and comments given to the committee of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan.

Conservation & Heritage

Character conservation; maintain green spaces as a clear Ponteland boundary


Conserve areas which enhance the environment and the community

Important that local people express what they want to happen in the neighbourhood

Arguments a well put by the NPG-clear

Natural Environment, Open Spaces & Habitat

Open spaces are needed to be kept


Wildlife corridors are essential, need to maintain greenness/openness

Fabulous natural habitats need to be preserved – especially along River Pont.

Must have green wedges on approach to village, avoid urban sprawl

Retail, Business & Employment

Central local retail provision essential for the older population

Sensible to move the Industrial Estate

Existing shops could be improved, give a variety of shops

Industrial site should be offered on the edge of the village and housing should be built in it’s place-especially the elderly

Excellent option to reuse Meadowfield Estate for housing-affordable housing, first time buyers & single occupancy

Good suggestion for the industrial Estate to move gradually out of the village towards the Police HQ

One Industrial Estate near Airport otherwise chaotic traffic movement

Housing & Affordable Housing

Lots of houses up for sale, more houses not needed

Concentrate houses in one area-more economical

Mixed houses to ensure mixed communities

Housing at Meadowfield & Police HQ

Housing built at Police HQ is far from affordable

Ponteland/Darras Hall outsized houses, what is needed is affordable housing


Utilize fully the Police HQ site for housing before using greenbelt is released

Brownfield sites should always be used first

Agree with proposal for housing on Meadowfield Estate – build on Brownfield sites not the green belt.

Needed real affordable housing to rent and buy.

There should be stronger lobbying of government to push developers NOT to wriggle out of affordable housing requirement percentages.

Ponteland requires a mix of housing & particularly cheaper housing for first time buyers and older people trading down.


Bypass required

Need a proper bypass – not a mini-road that would direct more traffic into North Rd/Berwick Hill that is already congested.

Public transport to the area is poor

Ring Road is needed

Need a shuttle bus to the airport/metro

Need to reduce through traffic

Relief road a priority should be built sooner rather than later

Transport not integrated Metro into Ponteland

Most people drive-1 bus a week RURAL COMMENT

Proposed site for school will cause traffic hazards school children will not be able to walk to school-increase/more cars

Village bottleneck with traffic further development needs traffic management/cycle paths, improved traffic management

Link from Berwick Hill to the A696 between police HQ & village would give some relief to the village

Need a proper bypass – not a mini-road that would direct more traffic into North Rd/Berwick Hill that is already congested.

The new link road should define the whole of Ponteland enclosing the police site within it, i.e. the new road should go to the north of police site housing

I didn’t find anything very specific on this aspect

Flooding & Drainage

This has been well dealt with – but the layout and location of Ponteland will mean that there is always some vulnerability here.

Agree sounds sensible

Ponteland on a flood plain

No more houses on flood risk sites

Developments must have adequate & appropriate drainage/sewage provision

There should be a catchment area off Rotary Way

Location of Ponteland will always mean there is a problem

Ponteland always vulnerable

Bypass crosses flood plan


Agree-Sounds sensible

Dropped kerbs needed, wheelchairs/scooters

Surgeries struggle to cope, hidden away too far to walk

Support needed to stay in your own home

Leave library where it is

Health provision not adequate and too far to walk

Need a more accessible health clinic

There may be a need for 2 health centres

A clear focus on the needs of the older generation

Education & Youth Activities

Schools should be available to all local children, before those from outside the area.

Agreed. Need a new High School- this can only be funded by housing on present site.

Need to accentuate the problem of traffic with a large combined school.

Many of the traffic problems are caused by incoming children into Pont schools

Need to keep a balance of age ranges in the population

Encourage young people to come up with their ideas

Village hub-Council Offices, coffee, information centre

Schools are part of our community LIBRARY MUST be CENTRAL & expanded on the site where it stands.


The High School is accessible to a large proportion of the population walking strongly approve it being re-located. If a new school is built it should be near where it is now.

Set up some cycle ways so young people can cycle to school & friends – improving their health/fitness and removing polluting vehicles from the environment.

Agreed develop better leisure facilities for all in the community.

Current provision is very limited.