Throughout the process of preparing a neighbourhood plan the Steering Group have kept the community informed through the Pont News & Views. This is a local self financing monthly magazine delivered to approximately 4,300 residences and businesses in the Civil Parish of Ponteland.
Originally, this was set up by the Ponteland Community Partnership and is now administered by Ponteland Town Council.


August 2017 pages 18 and 23
March 2017 page 20


Stakeholders Event Analysis Oct 2015

This is part of the consultation process specifically aimed at stakeholders, not residents who have been consulted on previous occasions since 2012.

There is a very clear framework for Neighbourhood Planning to follow.

Through the process of neighbourhood planning, consultation with all sectors of the community to include all those that live, who contribute to the local economy and influence day to day life and the future of the designated area – in this case, the civil parish of Ponteland.

To date, the community have had a number of opportunities to comment on the work of the steering group since 2012 when an initial survey was carried out, followed by a consultation at Party in the Park and a questionnaire in 2013, a consultation in Sept 2014 and again at Party in the Park 2015.

The Stakeholder’s Events were held at the Memorial Hall on:
Wednesday 30th Sept 10am, – 12 noon.
Friday 1st Oct, 2pm – 4pm & 6pm – 8pm.
Saturday 3rd Oct, 10am – 12.30pm

Over 250 invitations were sent out to landowners, developers, businesses, organisations and statutory bodies in the civil parish of Ponteland.

50 representative stakeholders, landowners, developer, businesses, organisations and the Airport attended at least one of these sessions with representation from each category. These comments from the Stakeholders consultation and additional evidence from a rural business survey will be fed into the future plan via the topic papers during the autumn of this year.

The PNPSG anticipate their next Consultation to include the whole community will be in the New Year 2016.


Pont News & Views Publicity

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Forthcoming Events:

Snaiths Butchers

The Neighbourhood Plan Group will be organising for the community Exhibitions and Workshops later this year.

A more detailed questionnaire will be included in the Pont News & Views in the next couple of months

We will keep you informed.

Notice of forthcoming meetings at the Town Council Offices

All meetings start at 7pm on the following dates:

4th June
20th June
2nd July
18th July

All details subject to change

Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group supporting the Party in the Park

Sunday 9th June, come and join us in Ponteland Park

Find out about us

  • What we have achieved so far
  • How we are working towards our first resident’s workshop later this summer
  • Have the opportunity to tell us your views on the future of our village

Notice of forthcoming meetings at the Town Council Offices

All meetings start at 7pm on the following dates:

4th June
20th June
2nd July
18th July

All details subject to change

 Training on Policy Writing

Earlier this year the Steering Group attended a training programme on producing draft policies for our Local Neighbourhood Plan. All 8 Topic subgroups were represented at this intense training session which was held locally by Planning Aid.

Later this year, members will be at a stage of drafting such policies across all the topic group areas and an early introduction to the skills of such a task was considered to be vital.

Today is the day we go “Live”

Evening at The Diamond Inn

Evening at The Diamond Inn

The “Neighbourhood Plan Group” is Launched!

If you have received the April edition of the Ponteland News and Views magazine you will see on Page 18, how Ponteland is stepping up to get involved in shaping the future of Ponteland and the surrounding area.

Communication with you is vital to the success of this venture, it is our responsibility to keep you informed and encourage your involvement. This will become a community effort and we will be judged on our consultation with the residents in the area.


With this in mind, we will use the Ponteland News and Views magazine, to keep you informed.

If you would like to be more hands on with this group we would welcome your support or if you have a point to make, let us know.this is a local publication, which is delivered to every household in the Civil Parish of Ponteland. You will also have seen this new website to help keep you up to date with what has been going on and what will be happening in the future.

A creek running through the woods.

You can use the Contact facility at this website,

or write to us at:

Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group
C/O Ponteland Town Council
Unit 1 Meadowfield Court
Meadowfield Industrial Estate
NE20 9SD

We look forward to hearing from you, your views are important.