Stakeholders Event October 2015

November 2015

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This is part of the consultation process specifically aimed at stakeholders, not residents who have been consulted on previous occasions since 2012.

There is a very clear framework for Neighbourhood Planning to follow.

Through the process of neighbourhood planning, consultation with all sectors of the community to include all those that live, who contribute to the local economy and influence day to day life and the future of the designated area – in this case, the civil parish of Ponteland.

To date, the community have had a number of opportunities to comment on the work of the steering group since 2012 when an initial survey was carried out, followed by a consultation at Party in the Park and a questionnaire in 2013, a consultation in Sept 2014 and again at Party in the Park 2015.

The Stakeholder’s Events were held at the Memorial Hall on, Wednesday 30th Sept 10am, – 12 noon. Friday 1st Oct, 2pm – 4pm & 6pm – 8pm. Saturday 3rd Oct, 10am – 12.30pm

Over 250 invitations were sent out to landowners, developers, businesses, organisations and statutory bodies in the civil parish of Ponteland.

50 representative stakeholders, landowners, developer, businesses, organisations and the Airport attended at least one of these sessions with representation from each category. These comments from the Stakeholders consultation and additional evidence from a rural business survey will be fed into the future plan via the topic papers during the autumn of this year.

The PNPSG anticipate their next Consultation to include the whole community will be in the New Year 2016.


  • Summary Statement
  • General Comments on Topic Papers
  • Issues Raised
  • Response Evidence
  • Recorded Comments

Summary Statement

An extremely high level of support from the stakeholders in the objectives outlined in the Topic Papers.

There is a clear indication of support for the protection of the special character of Ponteland, and any new development respects this character, enhances and extends it into the surrounding setting.

There is a need for a more holistic approach to be adopted drawing in from the comments on the problem areas and the identified opportunities in the Topic Papers.

Comments support the centre of the village and Merton Way are in a desperate need of renovation, it is tired and outdated, but with it comes the opportunity to create a new vision for the future. Without some development the centre/village will die, there must be a vision for the future.

Additional comments show there is a need for housing but, this should be affordable and smaller units to encourage more young people to come and stay in the area. This in turn would give a more local workforce to local businesses. The elderly community want smaller independent units e.g. bungalows rather than apartments/flats this will enable them to be part of the community.

There is a will to create a community hub to centralise services in the middle of the village.

Public vehicle parking is very limited and even with the addition of private parking the provision is clearly not adequate to support the centre of the village during the day or evening.

One current major issue is the traffic congestion caused by through traffic heading north or south and competing local travellers crossing the A696 into the village on more local journeys, particularly on school runs. Any extra traffic needs a serious review on a traffic plan.

Careful consideration should be given to the location of schools not to compound existing traffic problems and have good transport links with adequate parking facilities.

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