Project Plan

February 2017

Next steps

Following the end of the consultation period, after December 16th 2016, we have reviewed the responses received and identified changes needed to be made to the draft Plan and its evidence base.
The current timetables for the next stages of the Plan are expected to be:

  • Plan Submission to NCC for Examination – expected Feb/March 2017;
  • Consultation on the Submission Plan –expected Spring 2017;
  • Examination of the Plan by an Independent Examiner –expected Spring/ Summer 2017;
  • Referendum –expected Autumn 2017;
  • Neighbourhood Plan ‘made’ by NCC –expected Autumn 2017.

An update on the timetable will follow in the February edition of the Pont News & Views.

Click here for Project Plan Version-3

May 2016

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Revised Project Plan
Earlier this year the Steering Group accepted that their Project Plan needed to be reviewed for a variety of reasons. Some of the reports from the subgroups had not been finalised and time was needed for all these reports to be completed; bringing all areas of the evidence gathering and research to the same point.

It should also be noted that Northumberland County Council had not met their original time plan on the Core Strategy and subsequently the new ONS Population Projections 2012 had made a significant impact. This has required more work to be carried by Northumberland County Council.

Click here for Ponteland Project Plan (Old Version)