Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group

Group Members

Alma Dunigan
John Purvis
David Butler

Will Moses
Andrew Tucker
Chris Brummitt

Chris Winks
Sheenah Coyne
David Hobson

Town Councillors:

County Councillors:

Peter Cowey
Carl Rawlings
Peter Jackson

Robin Ramsey

Veronica Jones


Topic Leaders

Conservation and Heritage:
Education and Youth Activities:
Healthcare and Care of the Elderly:
Drainage and Potential Flooding:
Natural Environment, Open Spaces and Habitats:
Housing, Affordable Housing:
Retail, Business and Employment:

Will Moses
Alma Dunigan
Veronica Jones
David Hobson
David Butler
Peter Cowey
Sheenah Coyne
Chris Brummitt

What is coming next?

PNP questionaire

Northumberland County Council is inviting Ponteland residents to make comments during this consultation period
on the Preferred Option, Core Strategy consultation document from 31st Oct 2013 and finishes on 2nd Jan 2014
Please view www.northumberland.gov.uk/corestrategy

Can I bring to your notice that to attend the discussion sessions of the event at the Memorial Hall on the 21st Nov 2013 you will need to register your attendance prior to the event direct with Northumberland County Council,

by email use PlanningStrategy@northumberland.gov.uk
Or call any of these numbers:-
01670 623629
01670 632631
01670 632633

To coincide with this request the Ponteland Neighbourhood Steering Group has put together a questionnaire which we invite you to complete and return.

By now, you will have received your copy of Pont News & Views.
Inside you will find a questionnaire, please help us to put together your views for the future of Ponteland. You can also download a copy of the PNP Questionaire

Completed copies should be returned to:-

Ponteland Town Council Office, Meadowfield Court
Ponteland Care Centre, Meadowfield, reception
Darras Hall Clinic, Broadway
Sainsbury’s Supermarket, Ponteland, main exit
Waitrose Supermarket, Ponteland, customer counter

Back to School

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking the students at the High School for their ideas and comments during an activity day, where Year 12 looked at the real challenge facing the area, and Year 9 set out to regenerate Merton Way.
All their views will be taken into account as we progress through the task of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Civil Parish of Ponteland.
More to follow soon

Now we, the Community, can really shape the future of Ponteland

As announced in the January issue of the Ponteland News & Views a Community-Ied Group, the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group, has been set up to work on behalf of Ponteland Town Council and the wider community to develop a comprehensive Neighbourhood Plan for Ponteland and its surrounding villages.

The principal aim of the Neighbourhood Plan is to encourage appropriate development in Ponteland that meets the needs and priorities of the community including, but not limited to, housing, education, healthcare, employment, retail, leisure, transport, car parking, and infrastructure facilities.

Master-A2 rotatedPublic participation, consultation and approval in a referendum will be at the heart of this project.

Follow through this website and see the detailed aims of the Neighbourhood Plan and Terms of Reference for the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group approved by the Town Council.

The geographical area to be covered by this Plan will be the Civil Parish Boundary of Ponteland
View the detailed plan of this designated area.


It is expected that the preparation of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan will take between 18months and 2 years to complete, including time for a public referendum prior to adoption as a formal planning control tool.

Calendar PNP Graphic

View the detailed project programme including, in particular, the periods for further extensive public consultation.

Of course, community consultation has already commenced with our Initial survey carried out in January and February. This received over 450 responses and the detailed results can be viewed


Headlines from the survey include the following:

Barcharts for homepage

  • Top priority for infrastructure improvement is traffic congestion and car parking.
  • Top priority for public services is the improvement of our shopping centres.
  • 88% of respondents wished to see the Green belt continue to be protected.
  • Only 25% of respondents considered affordable housing for social needs to be a priority.


Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group

The Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group is made up of a cross section of the local community including residents, local business representatives, members of the Civic Society and the Ponteland Community Partnership, Town Councillors and CountyCouncillors

Get involved, support us and help shape Pontelands future.